Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning
Our client‑focused process is tailored to help individuals set financial goals, develop a financial road map, and implement the appropriate financial tools and strategies.

Supported by:
Investment management products (e.g., stocks, bonds, mutual funds)
Insurance planning and products
• Asset allocation services
• Educational programs
• Tax‑sensitive planning
• Estate planning coordination services


Multigenerational Financial Planning
Designed to support the accumulation, conservation, utilization, and transfer of family wealth, these services are geared toward higher‑net‑worth clients—executives, professionals, or business owners.

Supported by:
• Sophisticated asset allocation strategies and wealth transfer techniques
• Business succession consulting and planning
• Advanced income and estate tax advising
• Charitable giving tools and techniques
• Financial education programs for the next generation


What We Are Not
While we have a good understanding of estate planning, we are not the last word in your estate plan. You must see an attorney to complete your estate plan. We will accompany you to your attorney however, due to conflicts of interest, Trailhead Financial LLC cannot be a trustee.


Business Financial Planning
We take a personalized approach with business owners, developing objectives, strategies, and tactics to pursue long‑term financial results.

Supported by:
• Employee group benefits
• Executive compensation planning
• Retirement plan services
• Buy‑sell agreement analysis and funding
• Business succession planning
• Estate planning for closely held businesses
• Strategic planning


Estate Planning
To provide continuity to your estate plan we will accompany you to your attorney for legal paperwork drafting i.e. Trusts, Gifting, Asset Protection Planning. We will ensure your assets transfer to your heirs as expeditiously as possible, including life insurance settlement processing and distribution options. Due to our succession plan and longevity provided, Trailhead Financial LLC is willing to be listed as investment managers on trust accounts. Trailhead Financial LLC will work with the trustee to manage the investments and ensure the distribution to listed heirs is executed. This ensures a continuity of services down to the next generation.



Tax Preparation
If necessary, we will accompany you to your accountant. This usually occurs during estate planning and trust document development.