Go Paperless

See your statements and confirmation online in Investor360°.

Eliminate the clutter associated with multiple account mailings, and simplify the way you're notified of account statements and confirmations. With Investor360°, you can:

  • Get set up in just minutes
  • Decide which accounts to include
  • Decide which documents you want digitally and which you still want to come in the mail
  • Receive notifications by e-mail when your online statements and confirmation are ready for viewing. 

With Investor360°, eliminating paper takes just minutes. 

Paperless Investor360 Guide


Other Ways Trailhead Financial Works to Reduce Paper

  • We have joined forces with DocuSign, a leader in the electronic signature (e-signature) industry. As a result, you now have access to a quick, easy, and secure way to sign account paperwork and other documents - without having to make an extra trip to the office to sign hard copies. This also helps to keep us all safe during COVID-19 by reducing exposure.  You do not need to be registered on Investor360° to use DocuSign. 
  • The Message Center via Investor360° allows us to send account review documents electronically. For clients with whom we meet remotely, we now have the ability to send all necessary account review documents digitally through Investor360°. You will receive an e-mail notification when we send you a message, where you can download the documents to view or print instantly. 





To get registered on our secure, Investor360° website, click here. 





Step 1

Go to the Settings page in Investor360 and scroll to the Paperless Preferences section. 

Step 2

For each account, select the account holder and enter an e-mail address for delivery. Check the box for all account and document types or choose specific document types you would like to receive by paperless delivery. 

Step 3

Read and accept the Electronic Notification Agreement that appears, then click Save.